Bridging the Gap Training

We had a great weekend last week at Bridging the Gap training. It was great to catch up with people before the season and get some intensive training.


On the Saturday we had dressage and jumping sessions and also had a session with a Polar hear rate monitor on the gallops. I was initially sceptical whether a heart rate monitor would really be worth it, but was very impressed with the device. Being able to track Alfie's heart rate in real time on the gallops helps track how hard he is working, when he is anaerobic, and, importantly, his recovery.


Having more accurate information helps build their fitness more carefully and successfully as well as helping to avoid over working and injury. The latest models also sync to your phone or computer storing the data so you can monitor your horses over a period or season. This is definitely something we will be looking to invest in.


Thanks again to our sponsors Horse Health Expo Ltd for making this possible, and to Laura Swinnerton - Eventing & Showjumping for helping exercise some the boys left back at home!