"Those who stand on mountains didn't fall there" - these are the people who push us to the top

Tim Watson Photo.jpg

Dr. Tim Watson BVM&S PhD MRCVS

After moving to Seven Bridges Farm Sam and Julia had no regular local vet, and luckily not much need of one! Waterlane Equine Vets came highly recommended to us and Tim's expertise did not disappoint. He is an accredited FEI vet and has a special interest in lameness, back problems and poor performance. His advice is always of great value, though thankfully we don't have too many reasons to see him!


Stuart McGaffin DipWCF - Farrier

Stuart has been looking after Sam's horses since 2012 when he was still an apprentice and Sam had moved to Woodland Farm, Wiltshire. Stuart graduated and started his own business around the same time Sam left Woodland Farm and he has been our farrier ever since. He keeps the horses feet in excellent condition allowing them to perform to their best throughout the year.

Eloisa Townsend.jpg

Eloisa Townsend

Eloisa has quickly become an indispensable member of the team. She not only helps keep the horses in top physical condition but is invaluable in assessing and treating a variety of injuries. She is highly experienced having worked in the UK, Canada and New Zealand.

Saracen Logo.JPG

Adam Johnson - Connolly's Red Mills 

With their commitment to using the most advanced nutritional science and processing techniques Red Mills is the ideal feed partner for D&L. They have the support that comes with a global company, and the care from a family business in its fifth generation. Adam approached us about joining Team Redmills in 2016 and we were really impressed by the range and quality of the products on offer. Adam and nutritionist Laura are always on hand to offer advice if we feel the need to adjust a horse feed. Their connection Foran's means we can source all of our feed and supplements from the one place.

Buddy - Yard Mascot and Head of Security

Buddy is an irreplaceable member of the team, he befriends everybody who comes through the gate and is a big hit at events too! He loves heading out in the lorry and getting to walk the best courses in the country!

We'd be lost without him!